Rail Infrastructure Contractor since 1993

CLG are a pre-accredited and pre-qualified framework contractor for Network Rail and our vast experience and expertise of working within a railway controlled environment enables us to provide and fulfill the skill set required to satisfy and complete each individual project.

Our structured approach to the planning and sequencing of the various construction phases is what produces our success.  We have an impeccable Health and safety profile with The Network Rail organisation and this has been a key indicator to our growth in this sector.

Our scope of works include concourse and major station maintenance works, depot regeneration projects and the redevelopment and refurbishment programme which is transforming the majority of Network Rail’s arches throughout London into prime retail and light industrial units.

Client Case Studies: Railway Building Regeneration


Case Study 1: Tilbury Railway Arches Regeneration

Delivery was commissioned by and delivered in conjunction with Network Rail, UK Power Networks and Thames Water.

After Works Complete:

Before & During Works:


Project overview

Tilbury arches required complete re-development, including initial project planning and policy compliance.  The redevelopment of this small light industrial estate, comprised of the demolition of existing factory buildings, construction of a new road and car park facilities, and the complete refurbishment of the 11 arches.  The site was ultimately transformed to provide 11 new light industrial units.

Works Completed

  • Insulated concrete floors.
  • New drainage.
  • New water supply.
  • New sub-station and power supply.
  • New arch frontages to include custom glazed infills, roller shutters and fire doors.
  • Re-lining to arch interiors.
  • New small power and lighting.
  • Construction of accessible toilets to each arch.


Case Study 2: Waterloo Station High Level Cleaning

Network Rail run, maintain and develop Britain’s rail tracks and buildings infrastructure at many key UK stations.


Project overview 

At London’s Waterloo station, high level cleaning of the concourse was required.  Prior to the recent redevelopment Waterloo Station concourse, CLG Enterprises undertook this high level cleaning to the entire roof structure and lighting installation.

Working in conjunction with the station facilities management team, CLG provided a highly structured cleaning programme which did not impact the day to day running of London’s busiest station.  This was achieved by assessing the most efficient access solutions required, to deal with this unique environment and the limited working hours available.


Case Study 3: Clapham Junction Train Depot Redevelopment

South West Trains are a large rail network in the South and South West England, serving more than 200 stations and employing around 4,500 people.


Project overview

Clapham Common Train Care Depot required redevelopment, specifically a shared area linking the South West Trains depot to a Network Rail goods yard, outside Clapham Junction.  CLG were required to provide a clearly defined car parking area for South West Trains staff, and a safe access route for the Network Rail goods yard to the rear of the site.

Prior to the commencement of works, the area had no definition and was potentially hazardous.  CLG removed damaged concrete surfaces and installed a new road surface, boundary fences and access gates to provide a safe and secure route into the Network Rail demise.

Once this was achieved CLG were able to create a clearly defined staff parking area, complete with controlled access and safe walking routes.

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