Providing Responsive Maintenance Support Services to London Borough Councils

CLG is a pre-qualified contractor who work as part of a team directly with the councils themselves and also via their service partners Interserve FM, GDF Suez Cofely and Osborne.  We provide vital Health and Safety maintenance services throughout the council’s infrastructure.

In this challenging economic climate it is essential to provide our local authorities with competitive pricing to ensure their limited resources can be maximised. CLG are committed to providing the best solutions to keep community services functioning and keep their facilities and amenities in motion for them.

Case Studies: Local Authority & Public Sector


Parks and recreational spaces


CLG tend to the parks’ maintenance divisions for the play area amenities and Sports recreation facilities.

Public sector workforce amenities

CLG contribute towards providing healthy and pleasant workplace environments for these vibrant hubs to flourish.


Town Halls, Libraries and Public Offices

CLG maintains public listed buildings such as Town halls, Libraries and offices helping to provide the vital civic amenities that everyone depends on daily. Canada Water library is pictured above where we recently completed some works.

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